The Pet Cage Toy Fastener- Buy Now!


It’s here!  The Pet Cage Toy fastener- We are so excited to be launching our Patent Pending product for our feathered and furry friends!  This amazing new product allows you to hang their toys or accessories anywhere inside or outside the cage.  Great for dome top bird cages or small animal cages.  Make use of all the space inside the cage.

Birdie fun fastener!-Simply attach to the cage bars, hang their toy from the eye hook and your done!

New Additions To Our Product Line!


We are happy to announce our new addition to our pet gift basket selections!  Custom pet gift baskets available for Birds, Dogs & Cats!  Thank you all for your feedback as we continue to add new gift baskets to our product line.  Use our Promo Code Basket2018 and receive 10% your order!


Welcome To Our Site!

We are so excited to launch our new site and product line.  Pretty Bird Gift Baskets is an ideal gift for all bird owners.  Send a gift basket to a new bird parent who just brought their little feathered friend home.  Maybe you are attending a Holiday Party, if the host has a pet bird bring one of our customized gift baskets as your hostess gift,  guaranteed you will be the talk of the party!

Our survey shows pet owners adore their pets and treat them as one of the family, our little feathered friends are no different.  Treat your bird to a special gift basket or give it as a gift.

We have several size baskets available, don’t worry if you don’t know what to pick we will customize the basket for you just tell us the type of bird and your budget.  Take a tour of our selection and order your Pretty Bird Gift Basket today!  Enjoy 10% off your 1st order with us, use promo code: Basket2018 at check out.

Thank you from all of us at Pretty Bird Gift Baskets!